What You Can Expect – a Customized Learning Experience

Every organization and every event is unique. Every presentation I give is customized in some way. Of course I do give “generic” presentations to very large, diverse audiences but;

  • I believe that powerful learning experiences have to be tailored as much as possible to the specific organization and event. This makes for especially powerful discussion sessions and lively Q&A periods that engage your people.
  • I customize all my presentations to address the issues and situations that you face or, if it’s a very diverse group, the issues that the whole community faces.
  • I will listen carefully to what you are trying to accomplish with your event.
  • I will talk to your stakeholders – customers, employees, directors, managers, members and so on.
  • I will visit your facilities – factories, offices, online sites, stores – to get a better idea of the contexts in which you operate and the challenges you deal with.
  • I will read your financial statements, plans and histories.
  • I will want to know what management ideas, concepts, tools and systems you are using and how they are working.
  • All I ask is that you give me (to be held in strictest confidence) the “real stuff” and not the smooth tales of seamless success that many organizations give to outsiders.
  • I want to understand what’s happening in your organization and how insiders think and feel about it so that I can construct a mini-narrative that will help you learn from the past, understand the present and create your future.

Once I have this material I will choose from the wide range of frameworks and vehicles for learning that I have access to, including cases, videos, simulations, movies etc. If a presentation is needed I will create a multimedia show; if simulations are needed then I will select and deliver them. Whatever it takes to deliver a powerful, customized learning experience.