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Management Research Review Vol. 36. No.8, 2013

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Globe & Mail February 9, 2009

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October 2008

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LIA Volume 26, Number 6  January/February 2007

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strategy+business issue 21, Winter 2000

When it comes to Real Change, too much objectivity may be fatal to the process
Strategy & Leadership March/April 1997

Bloody Ships
A shorter version of this article appeared in the Financial Times of London on March 29, 1996

Crisis and Renewal: Ethical Anarchy in Mature Organizations
Business Quarterly Winter 1995

Thoroughly Modern – Mary Parker Follett
Business Quarterly; Spring 1992

Boxes and Bubbles David K Hurst pdf
Harvard Business Review; May-June 1984, pp. 78-88.
This article has become one of the “best sellers” for HBR and has been reprinted in several books.